Keith Powell’s 1996 911

CELEBRATING THE 25th Anniversary of the Porsche 911 993 is a great event for this family.

In my early car days, post university, I raced an ex-Jim Clark Formula 3 Lotus 35 in the precursor to the Formula Atlantic series. So, I had some understanding of what a performance sports car is capable of. My first Porsche was a 1991 911T 964 single turbo and rear-wheel drive. Being a single turbo and rear-wheel drive only, it was a challenging car to track particularly in the wet.

Hence, I was in the market for a 993 twin-turbo with all-wheel drive and much less turbo lag. I have owned my 993 twin-turbo since June 1998 which I purchased from the previous original owner with only 1,250 kilometres on the clock.

That owner was a collector, owned 20 various vehicles, and he had recently purchased his twenty-first car. Having room for only 20 parking spaces, his 993 found itself on the market. After seeing this machine, I immediately fell in love with the colour combination (Aventura Green, beige leather interior with wood-rim steering wheel and matching shift knob, and all-wheel drive) and the great shape of the almost-new Porsche. I made a low-ball offer and did not expect acceptance but found myself as owner of a second Porsche. My existing 964 Turbo unfortunately had to find a new owner. A friend I worked with provided a good home.

I have previously owned the 964, Ferrari 360, various BMWs, two John Cooper Works Minis and a first-generation Panamera 4S. Through much of this the 993 has remained as the anchor to this group of vehicles.

My 993 now has 81,000 kilometres and has been upgraded somewhat with Gemballa adjustable shocks (lowered by 3 centimetres), larger turbos and retrofitted classic-look stereo system. In the early days of ownership I ran the car in Porsche Club DE events, rallies and show and shine events (winning a number of different class awards).

As we moved to road cycling the car became a work horse carrying our bikes on a Thule bike rack. This always attracted interested viewers not used to seeing such a set-up. The car has and continues to be a fantastic vehicle that never ceases to amaze. Its handling and performance, for a car with technology that goes back 25 years, continues to be stellar.

Thank you, Porsche! </>

By Keith Powell.

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