Bring on the Smiles

ONE OF THE MOST unfortunate aspects of COVID-19 has been the physical, social and mental impacts on our most vulnerable friends and family members — senior citizens. It has been especially tough for those living in retirement homes as, to enhance the safety of the residents, many sources of entertainment and socialization have been cancelled. In many cases, they have been unable to visit with their loved ones, making much of 2020 a very difficult time.

So when we heard from Porsche Cars Canada that it was organizing a classic cars parade to help put a smile on the faces of these folks, and was inviting PCA UCR to join in, we jumped in with all four wheels spinning.

The idea was that several different groups of Porsche owners would gather at various GTA Porsche dealerships, then head to a nearby retirement home, to create a parade of cars for the residents. To be considered classics, Porsches were to be 2004 and earlier, with a few modern cars driven by Porsche Cars Canada staff. Most of the participants were UCR members who brought various classic Porsche models to the parade including the 914, 924, 944, 928, 968, Boxster and a whole range of 911s of course.

On Thursday, July 9, the groups were divided between Porsche Centre Downtown Toronto (visiting the Revera Forest Hill Place Retirement Residence), Porsche Centre Oakville (visiting West Oak Village Long Term Care) and Porsche Centre North Toronto (visiting Norfinch Care Community Nursing Home). There was originally a group scheduled to drive from Pfaff Porsche but that was cancelled due to a new COVID case in the retirement residence that the group planned to visit.

At each location, Porsche Canada supplied healthy snacks and drinks, and had team members cheering up the residents and staff, in a COVID-safe manner of course. At each location, a parade emcee, including Porsche Canada CEO Marc Ouayoun and Patrick Saint-Pierre, public relations manager, provided some Porsche history notes, as well as a description of each car as it drove slowly by.

It was a terrific day that did indeed accomplish the goal of bringing smiles to the residents and hard-working staff at the retirement homes. Kudos to Porsche Canada for organizing it and thank you for inviting PCA UCR to be a part of this important cause.

Photos courtesy of Porsche Canada, Christopher Hebert and Dan Proudfoot

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