Dreams Come True

Nadim Abdo’s 2002 911 Turbo

EVER SINCE THE AGE OF 10 when a family friend took me out for a spin in his 911 Turbo, I fell in love with the brand and hoped to one day drive my own 911.

That dream came true 20 years later when I purchased my first Porsche, a gorgeous 1987 triple-black 911 Carrera convertible. That’s also when I joined PCA. It became my fair-weather daily driver for the following 20 years, with numerous fun drives and a true appreciation for the air-cooled magic that Porsche created.

However, my burning desire for the Turbo never really went away and three years ago I decided to go for it. After about a six-month productive search, I found the one! A beautiful 2002 silver 996 Turbo coupe, all stock and babied just like I had babied my Carrera. I took the plunge, made an offer and two weeks later it was in my driveway.

The only sad part is that I had to part ways with the air-cooled 911, but I had many great memories with it, and the Porsche went to a gentleman who would baby it like I had for 20 years.

The 996 Turbo is incredible — the power, torque, speed and handling are breathtaking, not to mention the beauty of it all. Every time I go out for a spin, I feel a buzz that stays with me for the whole day. I share my nickname with my baby, Deemsy, as the vanity plate shows. I hate winters when Deemsy gets garaged, but can’t wait for spring to bring her back out on the road and bring that huge smile back to my face. Porsche, there really is no substitute! </>

Story and photos provided by Nadim Abdo.

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