One-Shot Wonder

PORSCHE COLOURS OUR LIVES in many different ways. Each of our journeys into the brand is different. And, once inside, each of our many experiences with the sports car is unique. Much like the greater picture, like life itself.

“Don’t tell your mom but I just bought a Porsche,” Kylie Ivers remembered her father Adam announcing after sitting she and her brother down in their Toronto kitchen for the big news. Kylie was just six years old.

The new prized possession was a 911 993 cabriolet. “The car was rough but I saw potential,” Adam said. “I drove off with the kids in the back seat just giggling. I brought it back to near showroom condition, all on my own, this sparked my passion.”

Fuel was tossed onto this passion with a membership in the Porsche Club of America, Upper Canada Region. Like many new owners, Adam quickly signed up.

Thus began a father-daughter family affair of nearly 15 years — washing Porsches in the driveway, driving to and from cars and coffee events, pushing the limit on the track, and simply admiring the stylish performance machines in the garage and in magazines.

“Whenever he washed the car, I was out there with him,” Kylie said. “And it just snowballed.”

The Ivers family has owned many Porsches, Adam figures nine or so 911s, all from Pfaff. The current roster includes a 1989 964 Carrera 4, 2019 991.2 C4 GTS in GT Silver Metallic, and the stunning Voodoo Blue 2018 GT3 cover and centrespread model showcased on the pages here. Like many of us, they are eyeing the next acquisitions — at the top of the list are a 718 Spyder and the icon, a 911 Turbo S.

The affliction has taken hold, the condition is critical, and for this virus there can be no lockdown, there is no vaccine and there is only one treatment — drive more Porsche.

Kylie’s first time driving a Porsche is truly memorable as it happened on the track. She has since taken out the new 992 911, Macan, as well as even the new all-electric Taycan. Suffice it to say, the affliction has taken hold, the condition is critical, and for this virus there can be no lockdown, there is no vaccine and there is only one treatment — drive more Porsche. She admitted, “I can’t say that I have another favourite kind of car.”

Kylie’s other big passion is photography and, as much as possible, she tries to combine the two. She has taken photography courses in Ontario and British Columbia and currently operates her own eponymous Kylie Ivers Studios.

A shoot that was long in the making occurred last summer, an opportunity to photograph her father’s blue GT3 alongside an Avro Lancaster, one of only two of the old bomber aircraft known to survive and still be airworthy, at Hamilton’s Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum.

Most photographers take hundreds of photos of any particular scene, to give them many options to choose from and edit later, to make sure the camera’s settings are perfect, no bird flies into the frame, the wind isn’t a tad breezy at times, lighting is just right especially during the coveted golden hour when each minute changes, as well as other factors. Kylie prefers to take fewer pics, to spend more time on prep, set-up and staging to get things just right, to snap the ultimate shot. “A lot of my friends call me a one-shot wonder.” Judging from her portfolio, they appear to be correct.

She admits this is difficult when the subject is moving, such is often the case when photographing a sports car that likes to go fast. Kylie adapts by hanging outside the window of a chase vehicle, compromising and fully committed to her craft.

Her ultimate photo project? To drive a Porsche across Europe snapping plenty of pics along the way, using the old world as a back drop. Sounds like an amazing future Provinz feature. She would also like to do the same across North America, “sleeping in a tent on the roof of a 911.”

“I can’t imagine being any closer to a human being than my daughter and son.” Adam Ivers reflected. “Kylie knows her passion and she is following it.”

Adam’s Christmas gift to Kylie was her very own PCA membership. Though her current home base is Vancouver, her club home is here and she requested to be part of UCR.

Like Porsche, PCA also enhances our lives and life experiences in many different ways. The passion burns bright.

Kylie Ivers Studios specializes in automotive, travel, portrait and commercial photography, check out her portfolio and Instagram. </>

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  1. Wonderful, uplifting article! Im not only a member of PCA but also a sustaining member of the Canadian Warplane Heritage museum, at Mount Hope. Great place to visit or even book and go for a flight. My father was an RCAF Flying Officer and instructor who flew many of the ‘warbirds’ on display at this flying museum. I not only fly along in the GT4 but am a Pilot as well. Next outing, cars, planes and coffee? Bravo Stefan!

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