Bounty of Boxsters

THIS YEAR MARKS AN INCREDIBLE 25 since Porsche introduced the Boxster to the automotive world — a relatively affordable convertible with a gutsy, throaty boxer engine mounted in the middle, endowing the two-door with remarkable handling prowess for when the road, or track, becomes twisty, putting to shame many sports cars, including exotics, that cost much more money.

Its mid-engine layout means the Boxster can carry only two people, but this also means the car is quite practical in the stuff it can carry, with both a frunk up front as well as a trunk out back.

Its convertible body style makes the Boxster an absolute joy — a fair-weather best friend and perfect road-trip companion — through the summer months.

The Boxster certainly has found a following over its 25 years, four generations and countless special variations that include several Spyder models — and this is evident among Upper Canada Region’s nearly 3,000 club members. Over 30 of you responded to Provinz’s call to profile the convertible sports car and celebrate its silver anniversary, and we present them here.

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