Dreams Become Reality

I FELL IN LOVE with the Porsche brand as a young girl, from all of its breathtaking designs, little did I know at the time what their capabilities were. I have wanted a Boxster for quite some time, aspirations really, something to have one day.

My dreams became a reality when not only did I have the incredible opportunity to join the Porsche of London team, but also, the day when this beautiful 2013 Boxster S came in. I purchased it that day — I didn’t want it to get away. It’s funny how a brand such as Porsche is so much more than “just a car.” I truly have made such an incredible number of friends who have become family just by going for weekend drives, meet-ups, and social gatherings in our Porsches. It’s truly a brand like no other.

I remember my first meet with a Boxster group, we were driving on very winding, beautiful roads, in the summertime. People of all ages showed just how much they loved their Boxster, regardless of model, year, or which options were put on it. We all shared a common interest, we loved to drive our Boxsters. I can honestly say that one of the most exciting things about this summer coming up is that I get to do this again with my beautiful Boxster S, and not only rejoin my friends in this, but also open the door to meet even more who share the same passion. — Christina Mandri

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