Hairdresser’s Car

I STARTED AMATEUR MOTORCYCLE RACING late in life. My ambition on the track far exceeded my talent. A few surgeries and a big-time concussion had me looking to stop. The last six years of racing was spent riding a 250 GP machine. I sold that equipment. Then I had some money to look for my next motoring adventure.

I wanted that to be a two-seater roadster. I looked around and kept coming back to the Boxster. Off I went to do some man shopping or as I like to call it “research.” Spent time on the Internet looking at issues and took a few for a spin and kept coming back to the 2.5 986. It suited me fine. Like the light little GP 250 racer, it wasn’t really fast, but you could drive it fast.

Living out here in Northumberland County I have lots of twisty roads to give it a good work-out. I had a few things I was looking for. Had to be silver, have a third pedal and not have a tan interior. So, this is my ‘99 986 and I love it. It is a very base model. Not even cruise control. I bought it with 56,000 kilometres and it now has almost 100,000. I am keeping it and will start upgrading it with suspension and possible new paint in the not-too-distant future.

The first time a friend of mine saw me in it he said, “You bought a hairdresser’s car.” I thought, “How did he know that?” Because I actually bought it from a hairdresser. — Gary Mulcahey

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