Dreams Come True

WHAT AN AWESOME CHRISTMAS! I have always wanted a Porsche from when I was 16 and going to Mosport on photographer passes. I was able to get up close to 934s, 935s and Can-Am Porsches. So when I was led blindfolded into my garage this past Christmas eve afternoon, I was floored. My wife Michelle had an amazing surprise for me. No longer did I have to hear members suggest I buy a VIN to join the club, as I now had my own. Sitting there was a beautiful silver 2001 Boxster S with a big red bow on it. I could not believe it. Our long-time friend and UCR member Michael Pohlmann found the Boxster through a club member and secretly acquired the car and hid it from me in his garage until the day of the surprise. I have always loved the first-generation Boxster because of its design elements that pay tribute to the 550 Spyder. I look forward to being part of the club and taking part in many club activities including co-hosting some driving tours. Hurry up, summer! —Randy Spenceley

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