Social Recap: Spring Fever

NEARLY 120 CLUB MEMBERS tuned into our April 13 virtual social and showroom tour hosted by Porsche Centre North Toronto. As Ontarians settled into the newest wave of provincial stay-at-home COVID-19 prevention measures, a virtual showroom tour of some beautiful Porsches, both new and old, was just what the proverbial doctor ordered.

Club President Stefan Walther kicked off the evening by welcoming everyone to the event and providing some club updates. Larry Funnell, UCR driving tours chair, announced the year’s driving tour roster along with some other details. Stefan Walther then passed the floor over to our guest host of the evening, Graham MacNab, managing director at Porsche Centre North Toronto. All thanks to its exemplary customer service and dedication to customer satisfaction, Porsche Centre North Toronto was designated as a Porsche Premier dealership two years in a row, 2019 and 2020. No doubt the team are working tirelessly to pull off this coveted designation yet again in 2021.

Graham MacNab gave a tour of the dealership’s Porsche Classic Restoration Competition car, a stunning 1986 911 Targa. PCNT is one of 12 dealerships across Canada competing to win this year’s restoration competition. To tie in some state-of-the-art technology into this timeless beauty, PCNT installed the new Porsche Classic Communication Management system which blends seamlessly into the interior of classic Porsche models. This add-on allows for easy hands-free communication, integration of favourite tunes, and a navigation system, as well as Apple CarPlay. The PCCM systems are compatible with most all Porsche classics excluding the Porsche 356 and Carrera GT. Contact Porsche Centre North Toronto to discuss having one installed into your classic Porsche. Also, be sure to keep an eye out this summer for Graham MacNab cruising the north Toronto streets in this beautifully restored classic Targa.

Victor Emilov, a sales executive and Porsche Brand Ambassador, then took the floor over and gave our members a run-down on the specs and intricate details on one of the most eye-catching beasts in their showroom — a GT2 RS in gleaming Guards Red. Not to be outdone, the car includes accents made of carbon fibre, carbon fibre, and you guessed it, more carbon fibre. It’s all about weight reduction, including a stick-on decal Porsche crest on the hood rather than a metal pressed badge. Why go through the trouble of making a carbon-fibre hood just to weigh it down with a metal crest? The car also includes a unique five-litre tank of distilled water in the frunk (front trunk) to aid in cooling by spraying the heat exchangers. This is a much-needed feature given that the car is capable of producing 700 horsepower and has a torque rating of 553 pound-feet.

To wrap up the tour, Graham MacNab showed off the newly released and extremely popular Porsche eBikes. Porsche released the eBike just recently, in March, with the intent to complement the evolution of the electric-vehicle era and mimic the sporty Taycan. Capable of a maximum assisted pedal speed of 25 KPH, the bike is the perfect addition to one’s Porsche collection. The eBikes are available in two styles: Sport, perfected for daily street riding, and Cross, for more adventurous off-roading. These eBikes are just released and selling quickly so don’t wait to contact Porsche Centre North Toronto to inquire about purchase options.

Following the showroom tour, a club-member trivia quiz took place, based on the content shared during the tour, with prizes provided by Porsche Centre North Toronto. Congratulations to the seven trivia winners: Stefan Uriadka, Tom Kouroukis, Kenny Matsumoto, Andrew Pajot, Terrence Tong, Jillian Weir and Weyman Jang. There were also three new club members who tuned into the social: Steve Coupar, Brad Markis and Ken Wong. Welcome to the club! Each new member will receive a PCA UCR club pin in the mail.

As spring fever sets in and club members burn to get out and drive, this timely social was the perfect first shot to get inspired to get our beloved Porsches out of winter storage (for those who don’t dare brave the winter roads) and get them primed and prepped for a summer of laying down rubber on the asphalt.

Special thanks to Graham MacNab and Victor Emilov of Porsche Centre North Toronto for taking the time to present to our club members and for providing the trivia prizes. Additional thanks to Lesley McLelland, marketing manager at Porsche Centre North Toronto, for her help in coordinating the event, and to Gwen Brydson of Motion and Still for providing on-site camera operation.

Based on current regulations, customers can visit Porsche Centre North Toronto for sales or service by appointment only. All health protocols are being followed, including the sanitizing of vehicles.  To schedule your visit, please call them at 416-494-4911. </>

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