That’s a Wrap

DURING THESE PANDEMIC TIMES it’s nice to take a break with a virtual social. On the evening of May 11, a tech social was hosted at the shop of C17 Media, Provinz’s high-quality print company located in Richmond Hill, which also has an automotive component.

The evening began with UCR’s president making some introductions and announcing some news. Then it passed to Chris Pereira, the president and owner of C17. He began by touring the offices and printing areas, finally ending in the shop where the newest part of the business is done. This consists of paint-protection film (PPF), windshield tear-offs and vehicle vinyl graphics. This portion of their business is now called C17 Auto Armour.

The presentation then passed to Peter Gregorian, C17 account coordinator, who has written C17 articles for Provinz, and Norman Au, C17 visual install lead. They showed us Porsches with paint-protection film and described the process. They answered questions throughout, such as how long does the film last and is it easy to take off. Answers to those questions were, respectively, there is a 10-year warranty and it is easy to change and with no damage to underlying paint. The film protects the paint from chips and abrasions.

Describing the film for windshields, they showed both street cars and racecars that use tear-offs. Finally the Pfaff Motul Porsche GT3 R, which has the now-iconic plaid livery, was centre stage. The car is wrapped but the Motul is a different material that is reflective at night which is excellent exposure for the winning GTD-class car at this year’s Sebring 12-hour race.

C17’s presentation ended with Norman Au demonstrating the film’s resistance to screwdriver penetrations, simulating road abrasions.

We had a special guest from the Alberta PCA Wild Rose Region, President Mark Oliver. We hope he had a good time and got some helpful ideas for his region. New club member Stephen Oakley also tuned into the event and was welcomed.

The evening concluded with trivia related to the presentation. Not only does one need to pay attention during the social, but to win you must think quick and type fast. (The editor assumes he doesn’t have a chance to win so pretends he is ineligible for a prize. —Ed.) Four model replicas of Pfaff plaid racecars were given to the following winners: Rob Payne, Adam Ivers, Brad and Carolyn Stewart, and Chris Deline. The grand prize, a $350 gift certificate towards any procedure at C17 Auto Armour was won by Morgan Elliott. Congratulation to all! </>

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