Worth the Drive to London

IN MY POSITION as PCA UCR’s advertising and sponsorship chair, I recently learned about an entirely new dealership that Porsche of London has built on new grounds to keep up with the changing times, the new Porsche vehicles with their evolving technology, and also the pre-owned and the classic markets.

Steve Rempel, general manager of Porsche of London, was kind enough to invite me to see this new jewel of a dealership and to spend an hour to show my son Zack and I around to proudly fill us in on all that is new at Porsche of London, located at 1265 Wharncliffe Road South.

Upon arrival, we went straight to the heart of things, the shop area, where Steve Rempel showed us a 930 (911 Turbo) project currently undergoing a complete restoration for the Porsche Canada dealership restoration competition, now in its second running and unfortunately delayed by one year due to the pandemic. Not only is the 930 now a highly desired car for collectors as well as enthusiasts of the marque, but this particular one was ordered in a paint-to-sample colour in a striking blue, making it that much more desirable. Other classics that were being worked on included an early ‘70s yellow 911 and a red 964.

From the shop area we went outside to a large area with a protective overhang, only to discover a couple more very interesting beauties. Most formidable to me, the Porsche Cayenne Transsyberia from 2008, with the actual off-road rally competition version being called a future million-dollar collectible. This one was the street version and really cool and appeared to be in mint condition. Also seen outside, charging stations for the new Taycan, of course, and a couple of those cars, looking silently stunning.

Back inside, Porsche of London really offers just about every service that Porsche makes available. This includes the Porsche Classic program from Porsche Classic parts to Porsche Classic service, in-house, and they have the knowledgeable staff to advise you on and help you with your projects.

Of course, they are now also equipped to handle service work on all of Porsche’s new creations, from the GT3-based Speedster to the electric Taycan, and whatever new things Porsche is working on in development for the near future.

The new dealership also offers all of the amenities we have become accustomed to at other dealerships, such as the espresso bar, next to the Driver’s Selection merchandise area and the Tequipment department, where one can purchase items from roof racks, to wheel and tire packages, to personalize our cars. This is next to the children’s play area, Porsche 4Kids. What struck me most at Porsche of London is the friendly, warm welcome extended by every one of the staff we were introduced to or just passed by. It just feels like family.

For those of us looking for that special Porsche, it may well be worth the drive to London, even better if you live in the area. I saw a gorgeous black 993 coupe in the showroom, and the 2008 Cayenne Transsyberia outside, plus a couple of new 911s and Panameras, all topped by a black-on-black 2019 911 Speedster with a thousand kilometers on it.

We would like to thank Porsche of London and General Manager Steve Rempel, and all of the staff there, for the warm welcome extended to us, and for their continued support of UCR. Contact Porsche of London at 519-601-1322 or visit on the web at PorscheLondon.com. </>

Story by Kye Wankum, Provinz Past Editor-in-Chief | Photos by Zack Wankum

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