2001 Boxster S

THE BOXSTER IS WIDELY HERALDED as the little roadster that saved Porsche from extinction. I can also credit the Boxster, specifically a Biarritz White over red extended-leather 2001 S, with saving me from a life of non-Porsche ownership. Fortune smiled when I found this unique specimen in Vancouver about four years ago. Fun fact: Our fearless Boxster SIG leader Dan Proudfoot drove me to the train depot in Toronto to pick it up. He also showed me an official “secret” Porsche handshake that mimics the motion of reaching for your wallet. Thanks Dan. You weren’t kidding.

I’ve spent a bit of money on my baby. First was an LN Engineering IMS bearing upgrade. The suspension was tired, so I refreshed the whole thing, replacing all the parts (14 at last count) in my driveway. New engine mount too and Fabspeed exhaust. Now wearing 18-inch Cayman S wheels shod in Michelin PS4s, my factory-fresh Boxster S goes as good as it looks.

Own a Boxster? Join the UCR SIG. Contact Dan Proudfoot at dan.proudfoot@icloud.com.

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