Cars & Coffee: Porsche of London

UCR EVENTS CAN BE EXTREMELY POPULAR, so drop-in events are becoming more prevalent in order to accommodate the increased demand. Porsche of London hosted a Cars and Coffee event on May 15, a sunny Sunday morning which fit the bill. Enthusiasts came from all over southern and western Ontario to congregate, discuss their cars, and view some awesome examples of Porsches from all ranges and eras.

All makes and models were welcome, so the dealership lot quickly filled up with not just our favourite marque from Zuffenhausen, but also Lamborghinis, McLarens, Ferraris, Audi R8s, and even the occasional American muscle car. There was truly something for everyone.

The main attractions though, were of course the Porsches — a silver 356 Speedster, a 997 GT3 RS once owned by actor (and fellow PCA member) Patrick Dempsey, a very rare 964 RS America, a full-liveried Cayenne S TransSyberia, and arguably the most visceral supercar ever made, the Carrera GT. And those were just a sample of what was in the showroom.

Outside, dozens more gleaming Porsches were parked, and a lot of great conversations were had between enthusiasts, who in some cases made long and undoubtedly enjoyable drives to attend. The staff at Porsche of London did a fantastic job running the event, even greeting people as they arrived. The dealership also ran a charity drive for 519Pursuit to help Londoners in need, where people could donate and bring home a Porsche of London T-shirt.

Since this well-attended event, Porsche of London has announced it will host a monthly cars and coffee, on the third Sunday.

Oh and yes, there was plenty of coffee and pastries to accompany the eye candy. </>

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