Initiative to Introduction

AS SOON AS WE WERE OLD ENOUGH TO DRIVE and get the okay to take the family car away overnight, Mosport race track was the destination of choice for my friends and me. Especially if it was a long weekend, that is where we could be found. That meant that the Porsches in the IMSA and SCCA series as well as the 1,000-plus-horsepower Can-Am cars were forever imbedded in our memories.

My early years of vehicle ownership were limited by finances and availability, so it was American iron until the best-ever summer job at British Leyland introduced me to the world of European cars, in the form of MG and Fiat.

It wasn’t until my early retirement and a need for a second car that I remembered my co-worker having said, “The Boxster is the car for you.” A chance drive led me to a local rebuilder and a 2000 Boxster S was in my sights. Originally planned as a second car for my wife, it became my daily driver for eight years through all weather. A hard top and snow tires made it the perfect year-round car for me. Being a rebuild, I became an expert in deciphering the Porsche parts lists, replacing missing parts and upgrading others as desired.

This led to many friendships with those in the know who were always generous with their advice. Ernie and David from Mantis, and Randy from Whaletail stand out. My first visit to Mantis led to my PCA membership, the highlight of which was winning the grand prize at the 2019 Annual Picnic, a model of the Porsche Inspiration 911 sculpture that stands outside the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart. When the Boxster was showing close to 300,000 kilometres on the dial, I started planning an upgrade to my ideal Porsche. A convertible was always our preference, and a Turbo was always a favourite of mine. The search was underway for a 2004 that would catch my fancy. The requirements were few: reasonable mileage and a special colour, as the Turbo came loaded right from the factory.

After a few months of searching, I found the car — Midnight Blue Metallic with a Metropol Blue top and interior with 68,000 kilometres. Not perfect but that was okay, as it was going to be my hobby for years to come.

It’s been over four years now and after completing upgrades to the suspension, power add-ons and some cosmetic fixes, I think it is pretty well there. The only remaining mystery is to determine who did the engine management tune before I took ownership.

The mileage is up to 86,000 kilometres, admittedly kept down due to the travel restrictions but we love a drive and often tour the shores of Lake Erie and Lake Huron. It’s a perfect way to enjoy the countryside and find a few twisty deserted roads to spin up the turbos a bit.

The best part is the people we have met along the way, and at PCA events it seems a shiny convertible always gives people the initiative to introduce themselves and have a chat. For my wife and I it is all about the people and their cars. </>

Story by Warren Snyder | Porschephile Editor: Stephen Oakley

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