Expectations Surpassed

AS ALL TOURS DO, we began with a safety briefing by our hosts Michael Pohlmann and Randy Spenceley at the Thornton meeting spot.

From there, we had a short drive to Edenvale Aerodrome where we enjoyed a private tour. After seeing three planes located outside and two planes that take passengers for rides, we listened to and viewed the centrepiece of the tour, a full-size replica of the Avro Arrow. The Avro Arrow could have been a Canadian success story, but the project was abruptly cancelled, and all the prototypes destroyed. I did not realize until seeing the replica how large the plane was and how advanced given the engineering design and the technology used.

From there, we drove through a very scenic area of Ontario to Penetanguishene and Midland. We had an excellent lunch at Wye Heritage Marina, which provided us with a specific menu created for our Porsche group. Following lunch, we drove to Quayle’s Brewery outside of Coldwater. Again, we experienced another private tour with one of the owners, of their hop fields and the brewery.

This was a fantastic day with great driving, companionship, and very interesting stops. I think I speak for all who were on this tour, thank you Michael and Randy for such a well-organized event. One participant said they had high expectations for the tour, and it was surpassed. </>

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