2022 Concours D’Élegance

TAKING FULL RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE WEATHER,  we couldn’t have picked a better day. Combined with a great venue, a really nice cross section of almost all Porsche models, a large group of public spectators and, most of all, hugely enthusiastic UCR participants and volunteers, this was the recipe for a fantastic Concours d’Elegance.

Firemen’s Park in Niagara Falls was the place to be with your Porsche on Aug. 28, for the annual PCA UCR Concours d’Elegance event. This year we were back to the format we had begun to establish before COVID hit: All cars to be entered in the basic Show and Shine category, plus an option to take matters up a notch and also participate in the Full Concours judged category. The Show and Shine winners and runners-up were selected through peer judging by all participants, while the Full Concours cars were scrutinized in great detail for condition and originality by a team of UCR judges. Additionally, we once again had three special categories for participants to win trophies in, which were voted on by yet another team of UCR judges, plus representatives of each of the presenting sponsors.

When we arrived at 6:30 a.m. to set up the show, a team of volunteer chefs from the park were already preparing the warm breakfast choices with enthusiasm. The vendors started rolling in and all were guided to their spots and, before you knew it, like clockwork, they were set up and ready for the day. Our volunteers are second to none, with nearly 40 coming out to assist with general tasks and judging. This event could not have come together without them, and we are very grateful to them. The 160-plus event gift bags and entry packages were prepared at the park the night before, in a production-line format, and the field was laid out for the various Porsche classes that evening as well. Again, with the help of volunteers, we were ready.

On event day, our volunteers guided the non-Porsches into the general spectator parking and the Porsche cars to the Concours field for the pre-registered cars or to the adjacent grassy field for Porsche-only parking. At one time during the day, we had approximately 150 cars in the Porsche-only parking area and another 160 on the show field. That is why we like to call this event “THE Porsche gathering of the season.”

While there are many UCR Concours regulars, some of the cars we had not seen before, and that is always a special treat. This year we reduced the number of 24 Show and Shine classes we had last year and combined them into just 14 classes. However, if you had brought your 914, Panamera or Taycan, you would have won your class, as none were registered. Trophies were awarded in each class for the winner and runner-up in the Show and Shine category.

The Full Concours category was grouped into nine classes and, again, trophies were awarded in each class to the winner and the runner-up. A big thank-you goes to the UCR judges and supporting volunteers who went through special coaching sessions at a Toronto automobile restoration facility a couple of weeks before the event, and who had to hustle to get all 30 registered cars in this category inspected and scored in just three hours’ time.

Finally, we had some very special awards with our main sponsors doing the honours. Porsche Centre Oakville, our event title sponsor, awarded the Judges’ Choice Trophy for the most outstanding car of the day; Hagerty presented the award for Best Preserved Original Porsche; Restoration Design was on hand to award the trophy for Best Restored Porsche; Sonax awarded the Best Presented Porsche; and Johnston Research & Performance (JRP) gave out the People’s Choice Award, which was voted on by all participants and the spectators as well.

The UCR Concours is an event for everyone. An event to bring the family and kids to, and even bring your friends along; everyone enjoys the day and we had nothing but positive feedback. Spectators are free to join in and roam and admire the cars, and even help select the People’s Choice Award winner. PCA membership is not required for participation in the Concours, which truly opens the doors to everyone throughout the region’s Porsche community. The venue of Firemen’s Park was once again very well received by all, as were the park’s amenities, which include some very popular food choices. Not least, UCR’s newest partner, Steam Whistle Brewing made refreshments available on the patio throughout the day.

We sincerely thank all our sponsors as, without them, we could not have made the event the success that it was.

Do yourself a favour and be sure to join us next year to get in on the fun for “THE Porsche gathering of the season.” </>

Story by Kye Wankum and Michael Pohlmann | Concours Co-Chairs


Judges’ Choice — Dave Whittick, 1964 356C

People’s Choice — Dave Whittick, 1964 356C

Best Presented Porsche, Awarded by Sonax — Adam Ivers, 2018 GT3

Best Restored Porsche, Awarded by Restoration Design — Ken Wong, 1988 911 Targa

Best Preserved Original Porsche, Awarded by Hagerty — Randy Spenceley, 2001 Boxster S


Class 1: 356
Winner: Dave Whittick, 1964 356 C
Runner-Up: Art Hagner, 1954 356

Class 2: 911 and 912 (1964–1973)
Winner: Uttam Kalicharran, 1972 911 T
Runner-Up: Gary Turner, 1972 911 ST

Class 4: 911 and 912 (1974–1989)
Winner: Steve Dobrenski, 1988 911 Carrera Coupe
Runner-Up: Michael Pohlmann, 1989 911 Carrera Coupe

Class 5: 911 (1989.5–1998, 964 and 993)
Winner: Philip Eeles, 1997 993 Carrera S
Runner-Up: Rob Grootarz, 1991 964

Class 6: 924, 944, 928, 968
Winner: Delano Finnegan, 1987 924 S
Runner-Up: James Plewak, 1987 944 S

Class 7: 911 (1998–2005, 996)
Winner: Vince Aldorasi, 2003 996 Turbo
Runner-Up: John Barkovic, 2003 996

Class 9: Racecar, Modified, Rare, Special Interest
Winner: Gino Vendittelli, 1986 944 Turbo Cup


Class 1: 356 Pre-A, A, B, C
Winner: Dave Whittick, 1964 356 C
Runner-Up: Art Hagner, 1956 356

Class 2: 911 and 912 (1965–1973)
Winner: Uttam Kalicharran, 1972 911 T
Runner-Up: Kye Wankum, 1971 911 S

Class 3: 911 and 912 (1974–1989)
Winner: Ken Wong, 1988 911 Targa
Runner-Up: Marlo Ervalho, 1979 930

Class 4: 911 (1989–1998, 964 and 993)
Winner: Philip Eeles, 1997 993 Carrera S
Runner-Up: Kosta Daginis, 1994 911 Carrera

Class 5: 911 (1999–2012, 996 and 997)
Winner: Richard Austin, 2008 911 TT
Runner-Up: Yianni Halkias, 2011 911 Turbo S

Class 6: 911 (2012–Present, 991 and 992)
Winner: Gordon Slightham, 2017 911 4S
Runner-Up: Tim Para, 2022 GT3

Class 8: 924, 944, 928, 968
Winner: Andy Wright, 1986 928 S
Runner-Up: Delano Finnegan, 1987 924 S

Class 9: Boxster
Winner: Rick Zuccato, 2021 718 Spyder
Runner-Up: Michael Hoch, 2008 Boxster S

Class 10: Cayenne and Macan
Winner: Stefan Walther, 2020 Macan S
Runner-Up: Steven Hause, 2016 Macan S

Class 11: Cayman
Winner: Norm Blais, 2008 Cayman S
Runner-Up: Carolyn Stewart, 2022 GT4

Class 14: Special Interest
Winner: Gino Vendittelli, 1988 944 Turbo Cup





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