All In The 914 Family

IN HONOUR OF FAMILY DAY, our SIG 914 members offer some reflections on the perfect family car. What could a tiny 2-seater sports car possibly have to do with family? A fifty-year-old 914 is not likely to make the short list of people haulers for your next family vacation, but as our SIG 914 members share here, their 914s are very much family cars.

Wedding Bells

It was September 14 (9-14), 2019 when Dave and Cindy Nelson gathered outside their country home with friends and family to celebrate the marriage of their daughter Makayla to Adam. No stretched limos this day. Instead, Dave drove Makayla across the lawn to the ceremony in his 1971 Porsche 914. A few years prior, Dave and daughter Brienne shared some special memories using the car on a road trip to visit family in PEI. It so happens Dave and Cindy have a long history with 914s. In fact, it’s what Dave was driving when he met Cindy almost 40 years ago. 

In 2015, Dave looked to get back to his 914 roots and acquired his current clean California example, and he’s been making family memories ever since.

Two For the Road

The 914 provides a roomy but intimate interior perfect for travelling companions. So, while you can’t take the whole family all at once, the 914 is perfect for sharing one-to-one time. John Tipper shares these times with daughter Erin, son Jack and wife Patty. His 1973 Porsche 914 2.0 has proven to be a reliable vehicle for adventures to various vintage racing events with participation in parade laps at Mosport, Watkins Glen and Mont Tremblant. When rolling with the kids, this always includes camping at the track. Neighbouring campers always marvel at the utility of the 914’s two trunks and are astounded as the tent, sleeping bags, mattresses, camp stove, cookware, cooler, and lanterns all appear from the inner reaches. Please look for John and Erin in #5 at the next vintage event and come say “hi”. 

Garage Time

For member Patrick Bates, and son Riley, his 914 has provided countless hours of father-son garage time, as they prepare the car for WOSCA autocross events. This diesel powered custom-bodied 914 raised some eyebrows when the two rolled into Mosport for the SIG 914 50th anniversary 914 gathering, for its impressive home-built engineering. The simplicity of the 914 makes it both an ideal hobby car for novices and an excellent platform for serious racers to build on.

All in the Family

In last year’s SIG spotlight feature, we shared with you about Tim vanRooij, whose labour of love is a yellow 1973 914 that served at the SIG 914 50th Anniversary as a tribute to the first pace car in F1, a 914 driven by the late great Eppie Wietzes at Mosport during the Canadian Grand Prix in 1973. It so happens that Tim’s dad Godfried is now the happy owner of this 1973 914 restoration project. Godfried shares “Figuring out how to overcome challenges getting the 914 together is a real bonding experience.” Tim and Godfried look forward to the near future when they will be touring together with their pair of vintage Porsches and are able to join us for the annual 914 gathering at the Can-Am club race weekend (occurring again this year with parade laps on August 6th).

Story By John Tipper

What are you waiting for? If you’re looking for a vintage Porsche that supports a family lifestyle, don’t rule out a 914. It’s a perfect way to get closer to the ones you love, one person at a time. 

Happy Family Day! From SIG 914

Own a 914? Please contact John Tipper to join SIG 914.

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