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PCA SIM RACING is an exciting virtual platform that owes much of its success to the contributions of volunteers, including coaches, organizers, and designers like myself. My contribution to the league has been creating compelling livery designs, which play a vital role in establishing a team’s visual identity and showcasing their sponsors.

I first got involved with PCA Sim Racing during the lockdown, joining my PCA UCR DE friends aka the “Blackflag” group. We moved into PCA Team Racing in spring of 2021. Pete Rothe chose the name: Team “Blackflagmeister” and created our blackletter logo while I designed our matte carbon black GT3 R adorned with black metal skulls. Racing in a livery with personality or local sponsor recognition adds an extra sense of pride when the races are broadcast and sponsored.

In Series 9 of PCA Sim Racing, I evolved our Blackflagmeister liveries to create a unified team design for each individual team members’ car.

As a frequent user of TradingPaints, a livery distribution network, I noticed a lack of a proper Jägermeister livery and decided to create one myself since at that point I already had all the assets on my computer, it quickly became a top trending design paving the road to many more.

A great livery design requires a balance between visual impact and respecting the lines of the car. In the past, there was typically only one sponsor per car, leading to more focused and iconic designs. Today, with multiple sponsors, cars can look like they’re wearing digital camouflage. Nevertheless, we often see teams recreating classic designs, like the Swap Shop livery at the 24 Hours of Daytona on the 992 GT3R and the Rothman’s and winning Pink Pig liveries at 24 Hours of Le Mans on the RSR ‘19s  in recent years.

With hundreds of designs and tens of thousands of racers driving them, I’ve had the opportunity to design new liveries for PCA Team Racing teams – and real-life racing teams – that wanted a digital presence in iRacing. My latest designs are a series for the PCA Zone Challenge, where each team represents a different geographic region. I wanted to depict the unique characteristics of each region with strong references to regional flags and symbols, including flora and the beautiful sunrises and sunsets of the Atlantic region.

Follow my journey through Porsche motorsports visual design at </>

Story and all imagery by Patryk Adamczyk

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