Hit The Slopes

MANY OF US PUT OUR CARS AWAY FOR THE WINTER but still want to get together with fellow members. The UCR Ski Day is such an opportunity. 

Snow conditions were terrific as a group of PCA UCR members, family and friends got together at Devil’s Glen Ski Club on the last Friday in February. Access to the private Ski Club is down a winding road and then from the parking lot, a walk along a tree lined path beside a flowing stream. Stunningly beautiful! The snow that arrived the night before and on the morning of ski day made everything white but the snow and winds also provided some driving challenges as one approached the ski area.

Tom Arndt and Don Lewtas, Ski Day Chairs, welcomed many ‘regulars’ for the event along with a good number of new participants. Many skiers looked familiar from other club events; despite being dressed head to toe in winter gear. Provinz Chief Photographer, Eshel Zweig and his son joined us to capture the day in photos. We started with a group picture and Eshel took many photos of us during the day in perfect form on the slopes. 

Devil’s Glen is known to have some of the steepest runs in Ontario ski country, which delighted the participants. The weather for the day was mostly sunny but very cold. This made for a longer lunch break for our group as people were less than eager to get back outside and freeze.

At the Après ski event in the clubhouse our group had the opportunity to warm up, enjoy some snacks and mingle. Tom and Don had prepared a number of skill testing questions about Porsche and skiing for the group. Those who answered correctly could choose from a variety of Porsche related prizes from the Goodie Store and guest passes for Devil’s Glen. 

Did you know that Porsche and skiing have a long history? Porsche designed ski lift gondolas for an Austrian resort (Zell Am See) and there is also a high-performance ski you can purchase today with the Porsche name on it. (Reach out to any Porsche Centre for more information on that ski). There was also a sport called “skijoring” where one is pulled at rapid speed on skis behind a Porsche. While that did not happen on our UCR Ski Day, you can still watch some of it on YouTube (Search for “Porsche skijoring”).

Overall, it was a wonderful day. We hope you can join us next year. </>

Story by Don Lewtas | Photography by Eshel Zweig

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