Best of Prince Edward County

Calling all car enthusiasts! The Best of Prince Edward County Driving Tour, organized in collaboration with Rennsport (Ottawa Chapter of PCA), took place this year and left participants exhilarated. Despite a touch of rain at the end, the weather held up for the duration of the tour, allowing everyone to enjoy the stunning landscapes and thrilling roads that Prince Edward County has to offer.

The adventure began on a Saturday morning at The Royal Hotel in Downtown Picton, where eager participants gathered. The recently renovated dining room served as the perfect setting for a delightful breakfast, setting the tone for the day ahead. After a brief but informative briefing, the engines roared to life as the group embarked on an exploration of the wonders that PEC has in store.

Leaving behind the bustling streets of Picton, the convoy meandered along a scenic back road, venturing towards the southeastern part of the county. The drive through Lake on the Mountain showcased breathtaking views, while the twisty country roads provided an opportunity for participants to unleash the full potential of their engines. With each turn and change in elevation, the thrill of the journey intensified.

A well-deserved break awaited at Cressy Mustard, where participants had a chance to rejuvenate and indulge in some local shopping. Energized and ready for more, the convoy made another quick stop further down the road to uncover one of the county’s best-kept secrets—Waupoos Butter Tarts. As everyone savored the delectable treats, an unexpected visit from an OPP officer ensured that the rules of the road were being dutifully followed.

Continuing their adventure towards the southern part of Prince Edward County, the driving enthusiasts revelled in the joys of the road, traversing Black River, Milford, and Cherry Valley.

The captivating scenery, coupled with the thrill of the open road, made for an unforgettable experience. As the convoy made its way back towards the heart of the county, they passed through the quaint town of Bloomfield, barely stopping to catch a glimpse of its charm.

The next destination, Kinship House of Fine Spirits, awaited the eager participants. Here, members were treated to a unique experience—handpicking their own spirit tasting and indulging in a mini cocktail of their choice. The lucky few even walked away with exciting prizes from the raffle draw. With spirits high and palates satisfied, the convoy geared up for the final stop of the tour—ClearWater Design Canoes.

The workshop of Ian Crerar’s ClearWater Design Team was a sight to behold. Participants marveled at the array of Porsche rally racing cars on display, immersing themselves in the world of automotive craftsmanship. After an engaging tour of the workshop, appetites were appeased with a mouthwatering BBQ catered lunch by Barn and County. Savoring the flavors of the region, participants shared stories, exchanged camaraderie, and basked in the success of yet another remarkable driving tour.

The Best of Prince Edward County Driving Tour showcased the incredible beauty and excitement that this region has to offer. From the exhilarating roads to the hidden gems waiting to be discovered, it was an adventure that left participants with unforgettable memories. As the engines roared to life one last time, the driving enthusiasts bid farewell to Prince Edward County, eagerly anticipating their next automotive escapade. </>

Story & Photos By Eric Wang

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