Cuppa Coffee + Cars

We were lucky enough to get beautiful weather – not a cloud in the sky – Sunday, September 24 for the third in the series of three 2023 Cars n’ Coffee events on which partnered with PCA UCR.  This was the “East” rendition of the series, after one west of Toronto and one in the city’s north end.  

With the reach of social media, both the company’s and the club’s, a highlight of the day for me was talking to two young individuals who were about the age I was when I earned my driver’s licence (first try, I promise!).  When I asked them one of my stock ice-breaker questions “what did you come here in today?”, I was thrilled when they replied that they came via the TTC.  This has got to be the definition of enthusiasts in training.

We had a wide variety of Porsches in attendance:  water-cooled 911s, air-cooled 911s, Turbos, naturally-aspirateds, 928s, 944s, a 968, Boxsters, Caymans, a 944 Turbo Race Car, a Panamera, a 912 and a Macan.  All inspired plenty of conversation for attendees over coffee.  Our 50 or so Porsches attracted a bit of a crowd, several off-make cars could be spotted joining on the outskirts of the gathering – the more, the merrier!

Although this marked the final installment of the 2023 series, our season at is not done.  And we look forward to picking up where we left off – more Cars n’ Coffee events to come in 2024. </>

Story and photography by David Case

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