Wild Iris

Over the past 10+ years I’ve had a bit of a running tally of modern Porsches and each new one brought new excitement. But after discovering air-cooled 911’s via Magnus Walker’s “Urban Outlaw”, I realized I had missed out on experiencing a big part of what makes this brand what it is today. With a demanding career in real estate and my 3-year-old daughter keeping me busy, I somehow got it into my head that a vintage Porsche was something I really needed in my life! 

At first, I was casually looking online and then came across the site called “Bring a Trailer”. What a treasure trove of vintage car information and listings it turned out to be. One of the things I found most valuable about the website is its comment section. No, not the usual memes or entertaining arguments (which I hadn’t seen at all), rather the passionate community offering all their helpful knowledge and asking all the right questions I didn’t know to ask. I made a few bids here and there on some promising looking 911’s but was unsuccessful in making a purchase. Then I came across what looked like a super- clean, Iris Blue, 1985 911, and this one was just 100km away! 

The more I learned about the car, the more my mind was made up. No importing costs and complications, thorough history and good documentation, reliable and respected seller; I bid within my budget and won the auction! 

I subsequently learned that the seller of this vintage car I had just purchased is a famous Canadian TV star. I contacted him, and he shared that he was looking for a decent car to use as a hot rod project, and his search led to the Waterloo Region where he found and bought “Iris”. He was immediately impressed with her condition, provenance, and very special colour. After a couple of months elapsed, his plans for the project came into sharper focus; he realized that Iris was too beautiful a car to modify. It would be a shame if she wasn’t kept original and driven well. So, he listed Iris for sale and now she is back home in the Waterloo region. 

You might see me out and about in Kitchener-Waterloo, driving Iris while viewing homes with clients, and certainly at all the local PCA drives and events. Say hello if you do!

Iris has been a great addition to the family and is affectionately nicknamed ‘Swordfish’ by my daughter, who I hope takes ownership of this special car sometime in the future. </>

Story by Tyler O’Donovan
Photography by Adam Malthaner

Porschephile Editor: Stephen Oakley

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