Driving Tours (formerly Fun Runs)

Are you Interested in Hosting a Driving Tour?

Fun Run
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“Please note that Fun Runs and Rambles are now called Driving Tours

We all have our favourite roads that we like to drive – in our own area or enroute to a destination that we’ve visited or want to visit. Now is your opportunity to share these roads with like-minded Porsche enthusiasts! Being a host is a lot of fun! As the old adage goes, you’ll get much more out of the experience than you put in.

Your event could be as simple as a 2-hour drive ending at a restaurant for lunch, to something more ambitious like one of our weekend tours. You may want to visit a museum or an art gallery along the way, or have a rest stop to admire the view. It’s your call.

It is also your call as to how many cars you want to host. For single-day Driving Tours or multi-day Tours where the group will drive in a convoy, we suggest no more than 15 cars per group. If your event can accommodate more cars, we suggest having a co-host or another group leader, or maybe you’d like to run your event as a Ramble, without the need for a convoy.

If these ideas are intriguing you and you want to know more, check out our event list to see the event descriptions of recent and/or upcoming events. You can also read about the experiences of a first-time host: skyway-fun-run-planning-makes-perfect and if you think you’d like to take the next step, contact us via  [email protected]. We’d be happy to answer all your questions and help get you started. We also have some tools to help get your event marketed and on the road! click here for Host Resources (you must be logged in)  

What are Driving Tours?

UCR Driving Tours (formerly Fun Runs) are casual Saturday or Sunday driving events on public roads and at posted speed limits, where one or more groups of 10-15 Porsche drivers follow a lead car through some scenic Porsche-friendly roads. Driving instructions are provided, and the event is usually 4-6 hours long, with 2-4 hours of driving, depending on the route and how many stops there are.  The final destination usually includes an opportunity for socializing.  Upcoming events and locations are posted on UCR’s web site calendar and in Provinz. 

Rambles are similar to Driving Tours, but they don’t require participants to drive in a group. Of course some groups will naturally form, but that’s not a requirement, and groups may get split up along the way. These events could be a few hours to a few days long, and the number of cars is limited only by the capacity of the venues to be visited. This year’s Rambles are included in the current year’s Event List.

Multi-Day Tours?

UCR Tours are weekend driving events on public roads and at posted speed limits, where a group of 5-15 Porsche drivers travel 1000km or more on a tour that includes overnight stays at one or more hotels along the route, group lunches and dinners, and usually includes some sight-seeing and other activities.  Driving instructions are provided.  The current year’s tours are included in this year’s Event List. Further details are available to members who login to UCR’s Website.

Click here to see the current year’s Event List.


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