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Sad News from NNJR

Many friendships are formed with PCA members far beyond Upper Canada Region and certainly across the 18 Regions in Zone 1, including Northern New Jersey Region. NNJR and UCR members enjoy each other’s company at several events each year and that is why I wish to share the sad news with you that two of NNJR’s well-known and active volunteers, Bob Michaelson and Ed Neighbour, have passed away. You can read the notices of their passing through these links:

Mike Bryan
Porsche Club of America
Upper Canada Region

PCA 2015 Region of the Year

PCA 2015 National Membership Award for Greatest Actual Growth!

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Porsche Club of America, Upper Canada Region

Elections: PCA UCR Nominating Committee Recommendations
Please be advised that the following slate of individuals is being recommended by the Board-appointed Nominating Committee for the UCR 2016 Board:

President                                 Mike Bryan
Vice President                     Kathleen Wong
Treasurer                            Michael Pohlmann
Secretary                            Foster Zanutto

Tom Arndt
Hazel de Burgh
Mark Holman
Peter Oakes
Gregory Sachs

In accordance with UCR bylaws nomination will close as of midnight on October 15, 2015. Members with an interest in standing for any position are invited to contact UCR President, Mike Bryan.

Mike Bryan
Porsche Club of America
Upper Canada Region
Aurora, Ontario
Tel: 905 726 9027

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UCR RALLY DAY! – UCR’s “True Rally” format means navigators are as important as drivers

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Rally - 4Story by Sajjad Butt, UCR Rally Chair, photographs by Hamsha Pathmanathan and Sadia Butt (from Provinz September 2015 page 22)

Saturday July 25th turned out to be a beautiful sunny day. Porsches of all colours and various models revved as they drove into the parking lot at the corner of Brittania and Tomken one by one. It was a sight to behold and a sound to be heard.

Rally - 5

At close of registration, 32 cars were entered, five en­trants called to inform their navigators were indisposed and six cars were no shows at the rally. Most entrants of the 21 cars that came to the event were first timers and all did really well with learning rally techniques. After registration and the drivers briefing, cars were lined up, the first leaving at 9:30 am, followed at one minute intervals by the remaining 20 cars, every engine roar­ing as it departed on a day of adventure. Drivers were given detailed directions for the first 10 kms and were required to check calibration of their odometers at the 10 km marker point, reset their trip meters and adjust their distance measurements calibrating for any odom­eter variance. After that they were required to navigate using directions provided as left, right or straight on route points, strictly by kilometer distance travelled. No street names or landmarks, so it was a true rally with navigators playing as important a role as the driver in a team effort!

Rally - 2The route was a combination of urban and rural roads. Porsches drove through industrial, residential and farming areas, winding up and down escarpment roads that thrill Porsche drivers past breathtaking scenic spots for navigators, culminating finally with long straight stretches giving teams time to talk to each other and relax on the final leg between control six and seven.

Rally - 1
“Most entries were first timers and did really well learning rally techniques…”



Rally - 3The competition was quite tight with barely a few points separating the first 15 cars. Most teams lost points before the first control, where competitors went through an adjust­ment or learning period. All of the remaining controls were really closely contested when everyone settled-in and focused on the rally.

Rally - 8

Dave Stewart with navigator Mike Arthur in Car No. 21 did very well, hav­ing won previously and came in first as they lost only 14 points. In second place were newcomers, Darius and Si­mona Muica in Car No. 13 and in third place were Roy and Ryan Tam driving Car No. 7. Eric Gordon with wife Christine came in 4th place. Another husband and wife team, Frank and Helen Valente came in 5th place. A special prize was awarded to Car No. 18 for being the only ladies team of Lesley and Alena. Interestingly, Car No. 16 with Tom and Heather Christensen, Car No.10 with Senser Erya and Yalcin Suer and Car No. 12 with Chris and Larry Kotseff came in very close with only one point separating them. The last team, Car No. 3, with husband and wife David & Carrie Tipton won the Special Navigator prize, even though they took last place, because they drove the entire route with a non-functioning odometer!

Many thanks go out to our cheerful control officials Andy, Molidina, Manzar, Rubie, Surinder, Karen, Hamsha and Sadia. Everyone worked very hard to make this rally a success. A final thank you to Bakhtar Kabab Restaurant for providing a delicious lunch!

Rally - 6Rally - 7