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In Memory of Clive Van Wert    

It is with great sadness that we inform you that Clive Van Wert, a 30-year UCR member and 1992 UCR President, passed away on Tuesday January 30th. From 1993 to 1995, Clive was the Track Chair of our Driver Education and Club Race program. Clive Van Wert was a great mentor to the DE program we have today. On behalf of us all, we send Eunice (Clive’s wife) our deepest condolences and our sympathy. We wish Eunice and her family the strength to cope with their grief and the ability to fill their minds with happy memories of Clive.

You can post your memories of Clive at http://pcaucr.org/forums/topic/in-memory-of-clive-van-wert/

Kathleen Wong, UCR President


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MOVIN’ ON: Montreal’s Michelin Challenge Bibendum

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Compiled by Randy Gananathan, Provinz Editor (from August 2017 Provinz page 40)

For almost 20 years now, the Michelin Challenge Bibendum has been the world’s main conference on mobility and its challenges. In those 20 years, the world has changed a lot and is now changing even faster than ever. The real challenge isn’t to adapt, but to help create a better world by proposing innovative mobility solutions that can benefit both the planet and the economy. Michelin, an OEM partner with Porsche, believes that assembling scientists, entrepreneurs, visionaries, creative minds, and people from all walks of life will create the necessary energy to push the world forward. “Now is the time to come together, to get inspired, to share and to explore different ways of thinking and doing things.” It was this mantra, to innovate a creative and immersive event that propelled Michelin to partner with C2, who is experienced in creating conferences that burst with inspirational ideas and actionable solutions. By rebooting the Michelin Challenge Bibendum, they’ve launched a new event to make the future of mobility a better one and a more sustainable one. But most importantly, it brings everyone together to shape it collaboratively, reinventing it together. This new paradigm was aptly named Movin’On.

The inaugural Movin’On was held June 13–15 in Montréal. There were over 4,000 participants from more than 31 countries, 108 partners (including three universities, four governments, and six research institutes) from 11 different countries, and 79 speakers, who presented 49 workshops and masterclasses. Over 40 startups presented 21 cutting-edge vehicles in an event called Ride & Drive, for everyone to participate in firsthand. 18 charging stations featured the newest of technologies for electric and fuel-cell propulsion systems.

Five experimental brainstorming experiences were designed by the C2 Team. In one, participants ascended into the air on cable-suspended chairs that had been arranged into a discussion-style circle, swinging freely below a mammoth cylindrical canopy while moving images were projected onto it. The idea was to simulate a floating sensation, and to stimulate thinking without being “grounded”. In another experience, 585 participants were set up on “braindates”, a unique new way to meet like-minded people at a conference such as this, resulting in 5,223 hours of collaboration. A soundproofed glass studio dubbed “the Aquarium” housed 18 hours of interviews by speakers, members of the Movin’On community, and other inspirational leaders.

The event was held in a 220,000 square-foot hangar that had 25 tonnes of structural material suspended from the roof, combined with 210 flat screens scattered everywhere. Planning required more than 640 hours of technical drawing by the production team and they even scattered 3,000 plants around the venue to emphasize the importance of being green while developing new mobility technologies. Michelin invited 250 members of the media from around the world to report on this inaugural event. Six innovative rolling FaceTime robots from Michelin Mexico connected Michelin employees in other locations, with real time conference participation!

Following a successful first edition, Jean Dominique Senard, President of Michelin (worldwide), announced that Movin’On would be returning to Montréal in 2018. Building on the success of the first edition, it will further develop the elements at the heart of the event.

As a Porschephile and someone deeply connected to mobility on and off the track, it will be an opportunity for you to experience the future of how we move. So stay informed and plan to attend Movin’On 2018. To enjoy discounted admission tickets, register now at:  https://movinon.michelin.com/en/2018-pre-sale


NXNE 2017: North By NorthEast has become Toronto’s major summer festival 

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Compiled by Randy Gananathan, Provinz Editor (from August 2017 Provinz page 38)

NXNE is a raging annual 10-day summer festival and conference, featuring music, gaming, comedy, interactive activities and more at a packed cultural explosion. North By NorthEast (NXNE) has crowned itself Toronto’s leading music event, was founded in 1994 and celebrated its 23rd year in 2017 where Porsche Cars Canada took over as the event’s proud presenting sponsor with showcases, panels, parties, installations, and more. Did you catch sight of Porsches parked around Toronto in June in curbside displays with security guards milling around, wondering if they were giving away Porsches as prizes?

NXNE 2017 was a major three-day music festival that also featured comedy, food, art installations and midway rides plus games at the Toronto Port Lands festival site. Porsche presented a pop-up with interactive experiences that thrilled attendees with track driving experiences  wearing goggle displays while seated in comfortable armchairs to keep gravitational balance during these immersive rides. AV stations with LP (long playing vinyl record style covers) sleeve “pic ’n place” RFID covers enabled everyone to learn about Porsche history and models plus the technology that goes in to every car.

GameLand presented Canada’s largest-ever, free fun for the family outdoor e-Sports competition at Yonge Dundas Square. Other sponsored events extended into Toronto’s best live music clubs to present must-see “ClubLand” series of emerging music and artists with extended last calls at many venues around town.

It’s definitely worthwhile planning to attend NXNE 2018. When you get in to its groove next year, you can call it “Northby” as the regulars do.

There’s just one question: will Porsche Cars Canada support it every year?

PORT TO PORT TO PORT: Spring 2017 Fun Run

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Story and Photos by Mike Blinn of The Blinn/Zuccato Team and UCR Members (from August 2017 Provinz page 34)

On Sunday, May 22nd, we were finally able to find a day of sunshine and decent temperatures to accommodate our “Erie” (but not eerie) way to start the season.

After a rainy Saturday night, we were fortunate to be able to wring the water out of 12 of Germany’s finest in order to enjoy the great drive that had been planned. We met at 9:15am at our usual Casablanca meeting spot and after signing the appropriate paperwork and handing out goody bags to all participants, were on the road by 10am. Inside each goody bag was a flashlight, compliments of Cal Balcom, who was unfortunately unable to join us that day.

On the first leg of the day, we passed quite an array of those black-and-white, American-made vehicles with “OPP” lettering on them. We think this stands for “Other People’s Porsches”. Our first stop was the Tim Hortons in Port Colborne, where many of our rag top buttons were put to good use. With many a smile and with fresh coffees in hand, we were back on the road again. The drive along the Lake Erie shoreline to Port Dover is an incredibly scenic adventure, passing by many little clusters of cottages. Reaching Port Dover, it was time for another Timmies pitstop. We were lucky to find enough parking spots among the millions of motorcycles.

Leaving Port Dover, we headed out on our last leg, a mix of Lake Erie views and a great stretch of hilly, open road that allowed us to maximize our speed (within the limit, of course). We took a moment for a few quick photos while doing the loop in Port Burwell, and then were off again to the open road. We arrived at our destination in Aylmer at 2:45pm, right on time.

A private, freshly cut lawn awaited our arrival, perfect for bedding down the four-wheeled babies for a well-deserved rest, and a great opportunity for more photos. The walk from where we’d parked to the Green Frog Tearoom was along a pathway that passed the Pinecroft artisan pottery barn. We continued alongside the five-acre pond to the beautifully appointed gift shop and tearoom, nestled within a forest. Our crew discovered that our gracious hosts had reserved the venue’s porch, overlooking the pond, as an added treat.

During lunch, a raffle was held for some Porsche keepsakes. John & Martine Holjevac won a 918 Spyder (die-cast car), Chris & Debbie Root won Porsche coffee cups, Hart & Patty Solomon won a Porsche lanyard, and Ron & Diane Schmidt won the Porsche bag that had carried the door prizes.

Rick and I would like to thank our better halves: Claire, for her administration assistance, and Molly, for her expert navigational skills. We’d also like to welcome Ron & Diane Schmidt and Brian & Kristi Jordan to our “Porsche family”.

Thank you to all that came out and helped make the Fun Run another successful day.

Safe summer travels!!!


ANCASTER FUN RUN: A 924/944/968 Classic Porsche Run

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By Neil Dowdell, UCR Director, Photos by Graham Jardin Provinz Contributing Photographer (from August 2017 Provinz page 30)

To call it an “eventful” fun run would be a bit understated. The Run, in effect, started at the new Pfaff Classic dealership in Vaughan, where we started with nine cars before heading over to Porsche Oakville to pick up more 924/944/968 participants.

Leaving Pfaff, the skies were filled with clouds and sun, but as we travelled along the 401 approaching 427, the skies opened up with rain. One unfortunate 944 pilot had his removable sunroof off and had to travel several kilometres before he found a bridge to park under so that he could reinstall it. Name withheld to protect the innocent (Dragnet joke).

Somewhere along the QEW, the rain left us and the sun came out. All joined up with the second 944 group and off we went, to the back roads of Dundas and Ancaster. As we proceeded through the back streets of Dundas and up Sydenham Hill, we lost our tail-end Charlies—just as the skies opened up, again. Telephone rang, pulled over, gave directions, then soon spotted friendly flashing headlights. Off we went again, through the back roads and into Ancaster, with lightning striking all around us and the rain pounding down.

We made our way down steaming roads to our final destination, Kelsey’s, in Ancaster. We settled down to food, libation, and good stories. Cesar Rodrigues said thank goodness he had just installed new wiper blades. Roger Stopford commented on the resilience of our P-cars, and Ted Lampman spoke of Mother Nature versus our cars!