Black Beauty

OUR 2016 BOXSTER BLACK EDITION was acquired on a whim while visiting Pfaff Porsche during the spring of 2018. The salesperson got us set up with an overnight test drive and that really sealed the deal. This gave my wife Laura and I a chance to drive around town on a pleasant June evening in this all-black roadster. The top-down experience of the flat-six engine note presented through the Porsche Sports Exhaust paired with mid-engine handling was absolutely delectable. The car had also been ordered from the factory with the Turbo Design wheels, which made it even harder to pass up the chance to pick up this joyful ride.

Since then, we’ve participated in the club’s spring and fall rallies, multiple driving tours and a picnic. More notable drives have included an ice-cream run to Cleveland for Laura’s birthday in 2019, and an even more memorable New Year’s road trip down to Texas through the Smoky Mountains and Tail of the Dragon via Louisville, Nashville and New Orleans to welcome the unprecedented year of 2020.

Besides the relatively comfortable suspension, the most functional parts of the Boxster are the two storage compartments, which allow both of us a trunk each on this multi-day trip without really compromising on space. And, thanks to a weight-sensitive airbag activation switch, our newborn daughter Finnley was able to go for a ride safely in her rear-facing car seat installed securely on the passenger side within six weeks of birth in late 2020. —Joy Singh

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