Wonderful Journey

DAMN RICK BYE, he started it all! Twenty years ago, racer Rick ran the Porsche press fleet in this part of Canada. I was involved in the newspaper business, although not an auto writer, and through a friend Rick asked me if I would like to have a Boxster to drive for a week or so. I was years removed from MGs, Triumphs and Corvettes but I was still a sports-car guy at heart, so I jumped at the opportunity. Rick handed the keys to me, to a beautiful Lapis Blue Boxster and told me to enjoy the car. Turning the key to hear the crackle of the flat six fire up certainly got my heart started. Driving the car, I was stunned how easily the car communicated every detail to the driver. Driving the Boxster completely knocked me out. I was hooked. I had to have one.

In 2001, Boxsters were in short supply, wait-listed and premium-priced. I eventually found a 2001 Speed Yellow fellow with very few miles driven and dutifully paid full price for the car. I couldn’t stop grinning from ear to ear when I drove her home. That was almost 20 years ago now.

Quite simply, the Boxster has been the best, most fun car I have ever owned. I joined UCR shortly after I got the car. Soon after that, I participated in DEs at Mosport and Shannonville. Then I tried my hand at autocross. Going to the track taught me that the Boxster was a way better car than I was a driver. Twenty years later and I am still learning.

My Boxster has been ultra reliable with no major issues. As I look back on 20 years with my Boxster and UCR, I can only say it’s been a wonderful journey. — Ken Nugent

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