Jun 12-18: Porsche Parade

2022 happens to be one of Upper Canada Region’s lucky PCA years — when the big annual week-long celebration that is Porsche Parade takes place within a day’s drive of southern Ontario, in the Poconos, Pennsylvania.

Less than a six-hour drive (around 500 kilometres) from southern Ontario, it is anticipated that many UCR members will want to attend and that the region will have substantial, high-profile representation at this, one of the ultimate international Porsche gatherings in the world. As such, UCR will host a Driving Tour To Porsche Parade the day before festivities begin, on Saturday, June 11.

Porsche Parade at Kalahari Resort in the Poconos, Pennsylvania, will take place from June 12 to 18, 2022 — click or tap here to view the official Porsche Parade website. If you are interested, be sure to register as soon as possible after registration opens.

  • Registration for Phase I (Parade and hotel) will open on Feb. 2 at noon
  • Registration for Phase II (banquets, events and tours) will open on April 6 at noon

If you are interested in convoying with fellow UCR friends, click or tap here for information about, and information on how to register for, the Driving Tour To Porsche Parade.

Please note that it is the responsibility of each UCR member and any of their guests to make sure that they meet the requirements (health including vaccination, testing and such, Canada passport, and otherwise) that are in effect at the time to cross the Canada-USA border, to stay at Kalahari Resort, and to otherwise participate in the Porsche Parade event. PCA UCR will do its best to advise and make known any important requirements, but it is not the responsibility of PCA UCR, and the club will not be held liable for any problems or issues that may arise.

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