PCA UCR Sim Racing

The PCA UCR Sim Racing Fall 2022 season is here. This Fall season is taking an Arrive-N-Drive format to help support the increasing number of members who are participating across various leagues and the PCA National Sim Racing League.

A full schedule will be released shortly and will closely follow the Series 9 schedule. During the season, the UCR team will be hosting a series of sessions to help prepare for the National season races.

Want more local competition? In February, the UCR team will be running a full regular season – stay tuned.

Be sure to follow UCR Sim Racers on as they compete across the PCA regions. Full schedule is below. Tune in on Twitch or YouTube.

Want to join or new to Sim Racing?

One-on-one coaching available for those new to sim racing. Please contact Paul Neto paul@neto.me for details.

Race Highlights from Last season

Interlagos Highlights

How to Join

If you are interested in participating, you can submit interest at http://bit.ly/PCAUCR_iRacing.

Once accepted you will receive a league invitation in iRacing. If you have any questions or need any help, please contact, Paul Neto (UCR Sims Racing administrator) at paul@neto.me

If you haven’t already ventured into sim racing, all you need is a basic gaming computer (most within the past two years should be sufficient), a steering wheel/pedal set (starting at about $250), and a subscription to a simulator. Most of these can also be picked up used for a fraction of the price as well. You can check whether your computer meets iRacing requirements

To join PCA sim racing, you have to purchase an iRacing subscription, cars and tracks at iRacing Membership iRacing costs about $100/year plus any extra cars or tracks ($12-$15 each).

The PCA is more than just about the cars, it also has its own national sim racing league. You can find out more about it at https://pcasimracing.com/.

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