1952 356 Pre-A Coupe

FOR ANY READERS WHO HAPPENED TO ATTEND the Porsche 75th Anniversary display at this year’s Toronto Auto Show, you will recognize the car featured here, as it was a key exhibit in that display. In case you missed the show, you can read about it in the March issue of Provinz, starting on page 24. The car is owned by Mike deJonge, president of a Guelph-based company called Restoration Design, which specializes in the manufacturing of metal body panels and wiring products for the Porsche restoration community.

Mike wrote an informative article about his first 356 (VIN 11735), called “Barnfynd,” in which he also shares information about the company. The article, from the December 2015 issue of Provinz, starts on page 24. Mike now shares his story about his second 1952 Pre-A Coupe (VIN 11652), which was manufactured prior to the first car noted above.

I still owned 11735 when I bought 11652, which I intended to use as a reference to assist in restoring the first car. 11652 was listed for sale on the 356-registry website, and I contacted the gentleman who owned it. I had not really been looking for another Pre-A Coupe, but this car presented itself as a better candidate to restore than 11735.

The owner had purchased the car from another gentleman in Australia, who had imported it from the USA. The car had never been registered in Australia, although it had been registered several times to multiple owners in the USA. According to the Kardex, the car was delivered to a dealer in Germany. I am unsure of the details regarding how or when it came to the USA.

I purchased the car based solely upon photos provided by the seller. It was shipped to Canada through Vancouver, and I did have some difficulty getting it released from customs. Shortly after receiving it, I was able to register the car.

Prior to starting the restoration, the car was in our shop for about two years, while I acquired the necessary missing parts that were needed to complete the project.

There are about 1,500 hours of work in the paint and metal restoration alone. Much of that work was done by a shop in Cambridge which I had used several times previously. After the paint and metal restoration was finished, the car came back home where I completed the rest of the assembly. The engine and transmission have been totally rebuilt along with all the related mechanical accessories.
I have driven 11652 to several shows over the years where it has won numerous awards. It has been a great learning experience; however, it is now time to pass on 11652 to another owner. We are only caretakers of these great little cars and I feel that someone else should enjoy the car, instead of it just sitting in my garage. </>

By Mike deJonge

Porschephile Editor Stephen Oakley

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